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Frequently asked question - Frequently asked questions and answers about map license, usage rights and map quality.
The general terms and conditions apply. The FAQ serves as a basic orientation.
Question: I can't find a suitable map. Can it be made?
Answer: Express your wish for the map. If the map can be made and others may also be interested in the map, the map is usually made within 14 days and placed in the shop.
If it is a lesser known place, the price will be slightly higher than comparable maps in the shop.

Question: May the maps be used for all purposes?
Answer: Yes, also for commercial purposes. However, the use should always be legal.

Question: How long may the maps be used?
Answer: Unlimited.

Question: As a licensee, may I sell or license the maps?
Answer: No - not even sections of them or a modified map of the original map.

Question: May I use one map for different / several customers?
Answer: Unfortunately no. Each customer needs a separate license.

Question: Can I use one map for my company AND a customer?
Answer: Unfortunately no. In this example two licenses would be needed.

Question: Can I use one map for multiple projects?
Answer: Yes, as long as it is for the projects of a single company or customer.

Question: Can I modify, adapt or cut the map?
Answer: Yes, you may change the cartographic content and the design of the map.

Question: Do I have to put notes on the map?
Answer: Yes. There is a reference obligation to the licensor and the provider of the geodata. The terms and conditions state how this must be done. In addition, you will also receive instructions with your purchase.

Question: May I add my own copyright information to the map?
Answer: Yes. Nevertheless, the required obligatory information must not be missing.

Question: Is the quality of the maps good?
Answer: The geodata used are from openstreetmap. The quality is rated as good to very good by jukoweb.

Question: Are the maps available in vector format?
Answer: Yes, in svg format. This format can be edited by the free Inkscape vector drawing program as well as by propitary known programs, e.g. Adober Illustrator.

Question: Do I buy "a pig in a poke"?
Answer: No. You will be offered a free vector map in the style of the offered maps for download. If you like this map and you can work well with it, you do not take any risk with an order.
Moreover, there are some screenshots of each offered map to get a good impression before buying.