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Map infos

Contents of this page:

  • Test vector map
  • Production of the maps
  • Target group of vector maps / vector city maps
  • File format of maps, suitable software and hardware
  • Map sizes (MB), ai format
  • Download size for purchase
  • Layers


You are invited to try the available test vector map for free!


Production of the maps

All maps are produced by itself. The Openstreetmap geodata serve as the data basis. In a special procedure the data is processed with the help of a geographic information system and finally the maps and city plans are produced. Through the selection of information, the compilation into layers and the respective assignment of design features, a map is created that cannot be found anywhere else on the world market. So if you want to have a map that does not look uniform, you are in the right place!

Target group of vector maps / vector city maps

SVG vector maps and city plans, or sections of them, are suitable for very many, except for private individuals/consumers:

Businesses, companies - also for their corporate clients
Web designers
Advertising agencies
Designers, graphic artists
Self-employed, freelancers
Media agencies
News portals
Online news websites
Tourism sectors, travel agencies, travel portals, travel websites
Real estate industry
all, who want to locate/display locations or branches


File format of maps, suitable software and hardware

All maps are provided in SVG format. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics.
SVG files can be opened and edited with numerous programs.
Inkscape should be mentioned as a free and excellent vector graphics program. The free software is also free for companies and is available in numerous languages, for example in German, English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. You can get the latest version there:

Many graphic designers work with Adobe Illustrator. With this software it is possible to open SVG files, save them in ai format and customize them. The latest versions of Adobe Illustrator are recommended. When buying a map, there are extra hints inside the read file for users of this software.

Your PC system should be fast and modern.


Map sizes (MB), save in ai format

The file size of the vector maps is about 15 to 70 MB. There are usually also files with fewer street names offered, which are significantly smaller, but otherwise equipped with identical layers and information. Calling the files can be a bit sluggish with Inkscape, but editing is well possible. The initial import of an svg file into Adobe Illustrator (to be used are the files with the extension "..... partial fontlayers as path (means: the names of a few layers/layers with naming, which are not set horizontally, have already been converted to paths here, so that their display is correct) also takes some time, but after saving to ai format, the maps are also good to edit.
It is tried to offer maps, which are on the one hand very detailed, on the other hand still good to edit. Only for a few editing steps you need some patience.


Download size for purchase

When purchasing (licensing) a map, you can download the compressed zip file under "My Account", "Instant Downloads". These zip files usually have a size of 5-15 MB, bundles (several maps as one item) up to approx. 30 MB.



You can show or hide the layers you want to see or edit as you like. For example, they can replace one color value with another, adjusting only the blue for the waters, for example.
Below you can see:
All layers, all layers with labels, all surfaces, all surfaces with buildings, only buildings, only building shadows (black), buildings with roads, green areas with sports areas, only sealed areas and other combinations.

Data used for the maps shown: © OpenStreetMap contributors - published under ODbL